Training Levels - steps to success
by: Sue Ailsby
Whether your dog is sitting on the recall with smile on her face and tail wagging, or you're running across the yard leash in one hand, clicker in the other hand, treat bag in the third, and her favourite toy in your teeth, this book makes you feel that Sue is right with you, giving you the ways to solve each problem. No matter what the level of your training experience is, you laugh with this book, learn with this book, and have a better relationship with your dog than you ever thought possible.

Enthusiastic Tracking - a step by step training handbook
William 'Sil' Sanders

Clicking with your Dog -Step by step in Pictures
by: Peggy Tillman
Peggy has added her own unique line drawing art to make the instructions easy to follow. She teaches the basics for you and your dog to function well together and lays the foundation for further training for competition obedience.

Clicker Training for Obedience
by: Morgan Spector
Obedience training Novice through Utility and much more.

Earthdog Ins and Outs
by: JoAnn Frier-Murza
An excellent book covering the history of earthdogs, their training, the organization for tests, and a section on the individual earthdog breeds from several countries. This is a popular sport for small terriers and dachshunds.

Complete Idiot's Guide to Positive Dog Training
by: Pamela Dennison
As one of the Complete Idiot series this book is well written, easy to follow with detailed instrctions for the beginner.

Click Your Way to Rally Obedience
by: Pamela Dennison
A comprehensive look at the sport of Rally Obedience which is not as strict as formal obedience - for both the dog and handler.

Dancing with Dogs
by: Mary Ray and Andrea McHugh
This sport has become popular since 1990, teaching all sorts of "party tricks" which can be put together in a sequence to make a routine. Fun to do whether for home entertainment or as professional entertainment.