Basic Training and Behaviour
Barking Solutions
Crates: Uses and Training
Little Mister Marker
Potty Training for the Adolescent Dog

Getting a Westie
Alternative Sources for Getting a Westie
Contracts - Buying and Selling Westies
How to do the puppy temperament tests
Temperament Testing the Westie

Activities with Your Westie
Introduction to Dog Sports for Westies

Care and Maintenance
Bathing your Westie
Guidelines for Using Dog Products
Pet Groomers


Caring for Sick Westie at Home
Ear Care
Euthanasia - The End Time
Critical phases of puppy development

Pet Tips
Fences for Westies
Alternatives to Fencing
Boarding the Senior Westie
Collars, Leashes and Harnesses
Dog House for Westies
Home alone Westies
Pickin' Poop
Separation Anxiety
Toys for Westies
Westies Travel/Vacation Checklist
Westies and the Beach
Westies in Winter

Versions of many of these articles have appeared in CWHWTC's newletter and the CKC's former magazine Dogs in Canada.